KDAT Lumber - The Future of $6.2 Billion Pressure-Treated Wood Industry is Here.
Written by Brett Hansen on Mar. 27th 2020
KDAT Lumber, commonly referred to as (Kiln Dried After Treatment) lumber, has surged in popularity in recent years due to its many advantages over "wet" or "green" treated lumber.

A finished KDAT deck that doesn't need to be painted, stained or sealed.

But despite its notoriety as a superior wood product, KDAT still suffers from being "the new kid on the block," in a lumber industry that's largely dominated by big commodity wood treaters looking to push both quality and price down.

What's more, most deck, composite deck and homebuilders that still build with "wet" or "green" treated lumber don't even know that there's a better building option available in the marketplace for their business, their crews and ultimately, their end customers.

So Why is KDAT Different from "Wet" or "Green" Treated Wood?
KDAT is still pressure-treated wood with one huge difference - it's kiln dried after treatment. That means the wood returns to its original or extremely lowered moisture content before it goes anywhere near a job site.

Since "wet" treated lumber naturally shrinks, cups, warps and checks - largely due to the moisture content - by removing the moisture during this process, the builder is left with a superior piece of wood with minimized effects and better finished results.

Kiln Dried After Treatment Wood Benefits:

  • Less warps, twists or deck support issues - with fewer customer callbacks and complaints.
  • Can be painted, stained or sealed immediately - there is no wait.
  • Even-drying, lighter and easier to cut, handle, saw and plane - it's a dream on the jobsite.
  • The luxurious look of a composite deck with the real, all-natural richness only provided by wood - at a fraction of the price.
Kiln Dried After Treatment Wood is Driving More Sales & Fewer Callbacks for Independent Lumber Yards
Small lumberyards, particularly owner-operated yards with enough foresight to change with the times, are reaping the financial and business benefits of selling KDAT Lumber. Jere Haas, Owner/President of Haas Builders Supply, Inc. is one of those owner-operators...
"During the first 6 months of carrying KDAT lumber, my treated wood sales have tripled from the previous year's levels." - Jere W. Haas

After switching to KDAT, Owner Jere W. Haas has tripled his treated wood sales in less than 6 months.

And, the uptick in consumer and contractor demand of using and supplying KDAT lumber, the future of deck and homebuilding, continues to rise.

In 2018, Bob Heidenrich of The Deck Store in Apple Valley, Minnesota made the switch to all KDAT lumber, and immediately benefited from fewer customer callbacks and complaints:

"I've been involved with deck building for 30 years, and I'm definitely a fan of Northern Crossarm's KDAT lumber. By using KDAT lumber for our deck frames, we receive fewer callbacks, and that's good for business." - Bob Heidenrich

KDAT treated wood has minimized warps, twists, cups & checks lending itself to fewer deck support complaints.

Have you made the switch to Kiln Dried After Treatment Lumber

Learn more about the growing popularity of KDAT, its applications and how you can stock or supply KDAT lumber below.

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